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Meadowbrook Country Club



We are pleased to welcome you to Meadowbrook Country Club, a distinguished private club in the Metro St. Louis Area. Situated in beautiful Ballwin, Missouri, Meadowbrook is known for our exceptional golf course, regarded as one of the finest in St. Louis. With a legacy spanning over 80 years, Meadowbrook excels in offering its members exclusive access to top-tier amenities including golf, fitness, relaxation, exceptional dining experiences, and a vibrant social calendar. Meadowbrook is committed to cultivating a strong sense of community among its members and prides itself on meticulous attention to detail, delivering impeccable services, and demonstrated financial responsibility.

This Club is a special place where memories are made, milestones are celebrated, and life is enjoyed to the fullest. A place of friendship and family, where the pool is the best summer hangout, the terrace provides a relaxing destination for lunch with a warm afternoon breeze, laughs are shared on the tennis and pickleball courts, bets are settled in the 19th Hole and children are raised with golf clubs in hand. We are committed to fostering this culture and continuing our rich traditions for many generations to come.


Our culinary staff presents cuisine of epicurean proportion. Meadowbrook's reputation for outstanding fare is accentuated by the professionalism of our service staff and the elegant surroundings of our dining rooms.

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The Meadowbrook Culture

Since 1944 our founders instilled a commitment to continuing tradition, while investing in the future. There is nothing more important to a club than where you came from, what you value, and the mission to keep excellence at the forefront in all we do. This is the Meadowbrook Commitment.

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